Table 2

Interrater reliability and internal consistency for each quality domain (n=33)

Intraclass correlation*
Domains1 appraiser2 appraisers3 appraisers4 appraisersCronbach α
*The Spearman-Brown formula to obtain the ICC for the mean of k ratings from the ICC of 1 rating is: ICCk = k(ICC1)/1 + (k – 1)ICC1.
1. Scope and purpose0.440.610.700.760.88
2. Stakeholder involvement0.470.640.720.780.72
3. Rigour of development0.710.830.880.910.88
4. Clarity and presentation0.250.390.490.570.69
5. Applicability0.500.670.750.800.79
6. Editorial independence0.340.510.610.670.64