Descriptive characteristics and content of the nine GPAS scales and four individual items are shown in the table below.

Scale/itemNo of itemsResponse formatItem content
Access7Evaluative Location, opening hours, phoning through to reception or the GP, availability of specific or any GP, waiting times in surgery
1ReportSame day urgent availability of GP
Receptionists1EvaluativeService provided by receptionists
Continuity of care1EvaluativeContinuity of care provided by patient's usual doctor
Technical care5EvaluativeGP's medical knowledge, thoroughness of physical examination, arranging tests, treatment prescribing, diagnosis
Communication3EvaluativeGP's thoroughness asking questions, attention, explanations
1ReportFrequency of leaving surgery with unanswered questions.
Interpersonal care 3EvaluativeGPs spending time with patient, showing patience, showing caring and concern
Trust 4EvaluativeTrusting of GP's judgements, GP's truthfulness about medical condition, GP's valuing your health above costs, overall trust in GP
Knowledge of patient3EvaluativeGP's knowledge of patient's medical history, worries, responsibilities at home/work
Nursing care3EvaluativeNurses' attention to patient, quality of care, explanations
Referral1ReportNon-referral to a specialist when patient thought one was needed
Coordination 1ReportGP coordinates care that patient receives from outside the practice
Recommend 1EvaluativeWould patient recommend their usual doctor to family and friends
Overall satisfaction 1EvaluativePatient's overall satisfaction with the practice