Table 1

ICCs for medical record and prescribing data.

Process of care measures
Number of consultations0.04Number of consultations0.03
Number of consultations for angina0.16Number of consultations for asthma0.05
Was blood pressure recorded?0.04Compliance checked?0.15
Was exercise level or advice about exercise recorded?0.08Inhaler technique checked?0.10
Any advice about Mediterranean diet or oily fish?0.01Lung function recorded?0.08
Weight or advice about weight recorded?0.10Asthma education recorded?0.12
Smoking status recorded?0.10Smoking status recorded?0.09
Smoking advice/education recorded?0.03
ECG recorded?0.01
Thyroid function recorded?0.01
Blood glucose or HbA1c recorded?0.03
Cholesterol or other lipids recorded?0.04
Haemoglobin recorded?0.05
Exercise ECG recorded?0.02
Was verapamil prescribed?0.01Was a short acting β2 agonist prescribed?0.02
Was a beta blocker prescribed?0.01Inhaled corticosteroids0.02
Short acting GTN0.01Long acting β2 agonists0.01
Modified release GTN0.01Oral steroids0.02
Transdermal GTN0.02Oral bronchodilators0.02
Isosorbide dinitrate (SA & MR)0.07Prescribing of inhaled corticosteroids for subjects who were0.04
Isosorbide mononitrate (SA & MR)0.02prescribed a mean daily dose of >6 puffs
Ca channel blocker0.01
Beta blocker and dinitrate0.04
Calcium blocker and dinitrate0.04
Nitrate, calcium blocker and β blocker0.02