Table 2

Mean (SD) scores of teamwork items from the Nursing Workload Index (n=4681)

Respondents rated the extent to which they alphaeed or disalphaeed that each item was present in their current job on a 4 point scale.
Doctors and nurses have good working relationships3.040.62
Ward management that is supportive of nurses2.810.92
Ward manager/sister who is a good manager and leader2.850.98
Opportunity for staff nurses to consult with clinical nurse specialists or expert nurse clinicians2.940.79
Good working relationships with other hospital departments2.770.68
Lot of teamwork between nurses and doctors2.840.74
Doctors give high quality medical care2.750.69
Ward manager/sister backs up nursing staff in decision making, even if the conflict is with a doctor3.050.90
Collaboration between nurses and doctors2.840.66
Ward managers/sisters consult with staff on daily problems and procedures2.830.89
Registered nurses and health care assistants/auxiliaries have good working relationships3.320.70