Table 1

Numbers of US indicators which were in the final UK indicator set

No of indicators in US setNo of identical or near identical indicators in UK setMain reason for discrepancy
Acne412 indicators relate to iso-tretinoin treatment which can only be prescribed by specialists in the UK
Allergic rhinitis44
Asthma (excluding indicators for hospitalised patients)175Likely difference in panel process (see text)
Cervical screening73More frequent monitoring in US
Contraceptive treatment32
Coronary artery disease (excluding indicators for hospitalised patients)66
Depression179Some differences in requirement for recording, also differences relating to available specialist resources
Diabetes126More frequent monitoring recommended by US panel
Dyspepsia and peptic ulcer disease (excluding procedures during/following endoscopy)105Likely difference in panel process (see text)
Headache2013Different clinical practice: less biomedical approach in UK
Hormone replacement treatment22
Hypertension128More frequent screening recommended by US panel
Influenza immunisation <50 years of age77
Low back pain148
Otitis media in children31
Respiratory tract infection113Majority of differences relate to increased propensity of US physicians to use antibiotics or to investigate
Urinary infection1810More emphasis on investigation and follow up in US. Longer courses of antibiotics in US