Table 6

Teamwork scores by patient care variables

Low (<2.5)Medium (2.5–3.25) High (>3.25)Total
In general, how would you describe the quality of nursing care delivered to patients on your ward?
    Excellent13%23%53%29% (n=1339)
    Good49%63%44%55% (n=2591)
    Fair32%13%3%14% (n=653)
    Poor6%1%0.22% (n=87)
Pearson κ2 = 812, df = 6, sig = 0.000
Over the past year, would you say the quality of patient care in your hospital has:
    Improved9%17%33%20% (n=904)
    Remained the same45%55%51%52% (n=2407)
    Deteriorated46%28%16%28% (n=1278)
Pearson κ2 = 322, df = 4, sig = 0.000
Confident patients can manage own care when discharged?
    Very to somewhat confident90%95%97%95% (n=4294)
    Not at all confident10%5%3%5% (n=247)
Pearson κ2 = 247, df = 6, sig = 0.000