Table 1

Percentage of indicators rated valid by each panel after the Delphi process

Percentage of indicators rated valid after Delphi process
PanelDelphi round 1 (n=367)Delphi round 2 (n=334)*
*n is given as 334 rather than 367 as only a maximum number of 334 indicators could potentially have been included in each panel’s unique round 2 questionnaire.
Carer83% (n=305)91% (n=304)
Patient78% (n=286)86% (n=287)
Voluntary organisations79% (n=290)86% (n=286)
Community psychiatric nurse78% (n=288)86% (n=286)
Clinical psychologist76% (n=278)79% (n=263)
Health and social care commissioner61% (n=225)66% (n=220)
Nurse66% (n=243)66% (n=219)
Social worker64% (n=236)62% (n=206)
Counsellor59% (n=216)56% (n=187)
Psychiatrist53% (n=195)49% (n=162)
General practitioner50% (n=183)41% (n=138)