Table 4

 Summary of follow up of non-conveyed patients and responses achieved

Follow up: route and outcomeIntervention group(n = 93)Control group(n = 195)Overall(n = 288)
Patient postal follow up
        Repeat calls81624
        Address outside area011
        Insufficient details153348
    Sent invitation70145215
    Sent questionnaire57120177
        No reply183654
% response rate (completed/sent invitation)54.354.554.4
GP follow up
        No GP details103445
        Outside study area358
        Patient in armed forces101
        Patient refused to participate153045
        Other (including repeat calls)61723
    Sent questionnaire56109166
        Returned completed4969118
        No reply74048
% response rate (completed/sent questionnaire)87.563.371.1
Hospital follow up for non-responders
    Total followed up at A&E205373
No follow up information gained184462
% overall response rate (some information retrieved/total non-conveyed)80.777.478.5