Table 3

Responses* by factor, Stanford/PSCI Culture Survey, 2001

Text of question% Problematic% Problematic or neutral
*Responses weighted for sampling and for non-response (non-respondents’ answers attributed to respondents of all three mailshots together).
Loss of experienced personnel has negatively affected my ability to provide high quality patient care (Q70)51.870.0
I am rewarded for taking quick action to identify a serious mistake (Q63)33.164.0
I am provided with adequate resources (personnel, budget, and equipment) to provide safe patient care (Q81)32.750.8
It is hard for doctors and nurses to hide serious mistakes (Q38)29.848.7
Senior management has a clear picture of the risk associated with patient care (Q15)20.937.3
Senior management has a good idea of the kinds of mistakes that actually occur in this facility (Q19)20.742.2
Good communication flow exists up the chain of command regarding patient safety issues (Q11)17.735.9
Patient safety decisions are made at the proper level by the most qualified people (Q07)15.731.4
Senior management provides a climate that promotes patient safety (Q21)15.035.5
Senior management considers patient safety when program changes are discussed (Q44)12.640.5
Individuals in my department are willing to report behavior which is unsafe for patient care (Q64)10.223.2
In my department, disregarding policy and procedure is rare (Q05)14.825.6
My department follows a specific process to review performance against defined training goals (Q52)14.737.1
Staff are provided with the necessary training to safely provide patient care (Q45)10.825.4
Compared with other facilities in the area, this facility cares more about the quality of patient care it provides (Q50)9.643.4
My department does a good job managing risks to ensure patient safety (Q17)7.818.6
I have witnessed a coworker do something that appeared to me to be unsafe patient care (Q77)39.350.2
In the last year I have witnessed a coworker do something that appeared to me to be unsafe for the patient in order to save time (Q79)27.438.7
Compared to other facilities in the area, this facility cares more about increasing revenues or profits (Q59)21.460.8
I am asked to cut corners to get the job done (Q69)18.735.8
I have enough time to complete patient care tasks safely (Q75)9.233.8
In the last year I have done something that was not safe for the patient (Q80)8.218.3
Reporting/seeking help
If people find out that I made a mistake, I will be disciplined (Q60)27.751.8
Reporting a patient safety problem will not result in negative repercussions for the person reporting it (Q14)11.324.7
If I see a problem with the management of a patient, I would say something, even though it would makes a senior person look bad (Q49)9.323.5
I will suffer negative consequences if I report a patient safety problem (Q58)7.718.4
Asking for help is a sign of incompetence (Q24)4.17.8
Telling others about my mistakes is embarrassing (Q37)37.549.2
I have made significant errors in my work that I attribute to my own fatigue (Q82)7.217.1
I am less effective at work when I am fatigued (Q39)3.735.3
Overall average 18.336.5