Table 3

Example of evaluation of two incident reports assessed by one of the experts to be “similar”

AttributeCase RCase R2
Report date9/9/19994/11/1999
Discovery date9/9/19994/11/1999
Discovery time12–4 am12–4 am
Discoverer’s job descriptionMedical laboratory technicianMedical laboratory technician
Where discoveredTransfusion serviceTransfusion service
What happenedWrong RBC expiration entered in HemocareWrong expiration date entered when RBC modified to irradiated
How discoveredUpon transfusion reaction investigationMLT discovered immediately issue record
Point in process discoveredAfter issue, before infusionAfter issue, before infusion
Product record actionUnit destroyedUnit destroyed
Date event occurred8/9/19994/11/1999
Occurrence time12–4 pm12–4 am
Person involvedRegistered nurseRegistered nurse
Where first occurred
Consequent event type 133
Consequent event aPCUM
Consequent event b002001
Antecedent event a
Antecedent event b
Follow upMonitorMonitor
Investigation typeRoutine investigationRoutine investigation
RL cause code 1HSSHSS
RL cause code 2TEXTD
RL cause code 3TEX