Table 2

 Number of beds and staffing ratios for 175 stroke units, 2001–2

MedianInterquartile range10–90th centilesSites with data
Patients with stroke on day organisational audit form was completed3020–4213–55174
Total number of stroke beds2014–278–43175
Ratio of stroke patients/stroke beds1.451.04–2.130.66–2.97174
Ratio of stroke beds/qualified nurses at 10.00 hours on a normal weekday7.75.6–9.53.4–12.0169
Ratio of stroke beds/qualified nurses plus care assistants at 10.00 hours on a normal weekday3.22.4–3.81.6–4.3173
Whole time equivalent (WTE) establishment Sites with no WTE
WTE clinical psychologists per 10 stroke beds0.160.08–0.320.05–0.90130 (74%)
WTE dietitians per 10 stroke beds0.160.09–0.330.05–0.5054 (31%)
WTE occupational therapists per 10 stroke beds0.830.56–1.170.26–1.6711 (6%)
WTE physiotherapists per 10 stroke beds1.180.82–1.670.45–2.2010 (6%)
WTE speech and language therapists per 10 stroke beds0.360.18–0.560.10–0.8832 (18%)