Table 1

 Recommended issues and projects for an international guidelines network (only recommendations with mean scores >2.9 are shown)

Recommended issues and projectsMean scores*
*Mean Likert score: 4 = strongly agree, 1 = strongly disagree.
†Characteristics and activities of the current Guidelines International Network G-I-N (June 2004).
Information sharing (7/7 possible answers)
    Database of existing guidelines†3.6
    Library of guideline methodologies, tools, templates†3.6
    Database of implementation tools3.5
    Database of guideline reviews/comparisons3.5
    Database of background documentation†3.5
    Database of audit tools3.4
    Database of patient guidelines†3.2
Research on guideline development
    Guideline updating, patient involvement, consensus/search methods3.3–3.5
Research on guideline implementability
    Implementation tools, audit criteria, cost effectiveness, care pathways3.0–3.7
Research on guideline implementation
    Strategies, links to education, incentives, barriers, health policy issues3.3–3.6
Education on guidelines methodology (3/3 possible answers)
    Promoting AGREE criteria for guideline development†3.8
    Promoting AGREE instrument for guideline appraisal†3.7
    Promoting use of clearinghouses etc to avoid duplication3.6
Collaboration between network members (3/3 possible answers)
    Prospective sharing of evidence review work3.8
    Sharing implementation and audit tools3.7
    Use and/or updating of CPG/evidence reviews by other members†3.5
Outreach of new or prospective member (3/3 possible answers)
    Sharing evidence reviews with other programmes†3.6
    Advising on adaptation of existing guidelines†3.3
    Facilitating development of new programmes3.1