Table 2

 Recommended structures and organisation of an international guidelines network (only recommendations with mean scores of >2.9 are shown)

Structures and organisationMean scores*
*Mean Likert score: 4 = strongly agree, 1 = strongly disagree.
†Characteristics and activities of the current Guidelines International Network G-I-N (June 2004).
Recommended membership of the network (8/12 possible answers)
    Guideline developing organisations†4.0
    Guideline appraising organisations†3.8
    International organisations (e.g. European societies)†3.6
    Specialist societies, associations3.3
    Health professional bodies (e.g. Colleges)3.2
    Healthcare provider organisations†3.2
    Patient/consumer organisations3.2
    Government bodies†3.1
Recommended structures of the network (5/8 possible answers)
    Non-for-profit organisation†3.8
    Executive Committee†3.3
    Secretariat (permanent)†3.2
Recommended funding of the network (3/5 possible answers)
    Research grants3.6
    Other grants (non commercial)3.4
    Membership fee†3.0
Recommended activities of the network (4/4 possible answers)
    Regular meetings (e.g. annual workshop/congresses)†3.8
    Publications (e.g. journal)3.1
Recommended elements of the network’s name (3/9 possible answers)