Table 2

 Number of adverse outcomes identified by routine reporting and in medical records according to level of severity

Severity of adverse outcomeNumber of adverse outcomesTotal
Reporting only(%)Medical records only (%)Both sources(%)
*Occurring after transferral.
†Of one adverse outcome identified by routine reporting only, the severity was unknown because of the premature death of the patient due to another cause.
Minor adverse outcomes
(1) Temporary health disadvantage, recovery without (re)operation60 (22.3%)126 (46.8%)83 (30.9%)269
Serious adverse outcomes
(2) Recovery after(re)operation19 (20.7%)14 (15.2%)59 (64.1%)92
(3) (Probably) permanent damage or function loss3 (37.5%)2 (25.0%)3 (37.5%)8
(4) Death1 (9.1%)*10 (90.9%)11
Total (%)83 (21.8%)143 (37.5%)155 (40.7%)381†