Table 7

 Bradycardia: management

GradeDescriptionPresentation group (n)Total
CA, all cases of cardiac arrest associated with bradycardia; CAP, hypotension progressing into cardiac arrest; H, bradycardia in association with hypotension; N, bradycardia without associated hypotension; HY, bradycardia in association with hypertension.
*Conservative: no treatment, stop or reverse precipitant (includes stopping agent, administering antidote e.g. naloxone, ceasing reflex stimulation, deepening anaesthesia or definitive treatment for event e.g. gas embolism), posture control, fluid bolus.
2Atropine ±115546340100
3Vasopressors ±221330036
4Adrenaline ±3176110034
5Antidysrhythmic/pacing agents, cardiac pacing ±4112004
EExternal cardiac compression22720031
MIncrease monitoring003003
NSNot specified40