Table 3

 Declared knowledge of methods and tools related to quality management and involvement in quality management activities

Experimental departmentsControl departments
Trained staff(n = 93)Untrained staff(n = 97)Untrained staff(n = 96)p value
Declared knowledge of quality process(good or very good) (%)<0.01
Knowledge of methods (good or very good) (%)
    Continuous quality improvement62.419.816.5<0.01
    Quality assurance58.722.911.7<0.01
Knowledge of tools (good or very good) (%)
    Writing procedures87.043.344.7<0.01
    Reporting incidents and failures78.541.221.3<0.01
    Process analysis60.913.48.0<0.01
    Cause/effect diagram (Ishikawa)<0.01
    Quality indicators51.68.26.5<0.01
    Pareto’s diagram53.83.15.3<0.01
Involved in quality process (%)89.348.965.6<0.01
Participation in activities (%)
    Quality work group (⩾5 meetings)76.36.314.0<0.01
    Writing guidelines88.236.553.8<0.01
    Incidents and failures in management71.043.628.1<0.01
    Process analysis73.120.210.1<0.01
    Assessment of practices29.35.311.1<0.01