Table 4

 Factors associated with good or very good self-reported knowledge of CQI (stepwise logistic regression)

FactorsnORa95% CIp value
ORa, adjusted odds ratio; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.
Department activity
    Surgery853.041.46 to 6.320.003
    Intensive care1011.090.52 to 2.300.80
Seniority within hospital
    >15 years1391.00
    ⩽15 years1470.920.51 to 1.680.81
    Male620.740.30 to 1.800.51
    Physicians501.910.74 to 4.940.17
    Other450.330.13 to 0.850.02
Study group
    Trained9310.614.97 to 22.62<0.001
    Untrained971.240.57 to 2.710.57