Table 5

 Factors associated with participation in quality improvement work groups (stepwise logistic regression)

FactorsnORa95% CIp value
ORa, adjusted odds ratio; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.
Department activity
    Surgery850.440.18 to 1.090.07
    Intensive care1010.370.15 to 0.920.03
Seniority within hospital
    >15 years1391.00
    ⩽15 years1470.860.41 to 1.790.69
    Male621.750.59 to 5.170.30
    Physicians501.260.38 to 4.150.69
    Other450.210.07 to 0.630.005
Study group
    Trained9327.3911.64 to 64.45<0.001
    Untrained970.390.14 to 1.120.08