Table 1

 Characteristics of groups and participants

GP only groups(n = 8)Mixed groups(n = 8)Baseline differences*
*p values from logistic regression clustered by group or ANOVA F tests between groups.
Target number of participants14 per group14 per group
Mean (range) no of participants per group10.6 (9–14)11.5 (10–13)
Mean (range) no of mental health professionals per group06.3 (5–7)
Mean age in years (group range)47.0 (42.2–51.9)46.9 (43.2–49.8)p = 0.82
Sex: % female (group range)33.8 (11.1–54.5)42.1 (9.1–63.6)p = 0.01
Ethnicity: % non-white (group range)17.1 (7.7–33.3)14.0 (0.0–25.0)p = 0.32