Table 4

 Suggested improvements for verbal sign-out

Category (n)Sample comments (n = 10)
Anticipate (5)I would like to know who might bring me trouble or who is going to get sick. I think that it is helpful to prioritize sickness and what you are supposed to do.” (P7)
Pertinent (2)XX tends to editorialize during verbal sign-out than to discuss the pertinent issues. For example, ‘this lady is really nice and her family is from Michigan’. This does not help me; I would prefer a concise review of the patients’ problems.” (C8)
Face-to-face (2)In general, I think that verbal sign-out is helpful but some people just say pick up the sheets and want to do it over the phone and this upsets me. This happens all the time when I am in the middle of post-call rounds, I would prefer to have time to interact with them and instead they just come to pick up the sheets from my resident. I try to track them down and let them know if something took place on one of their patients.” (P2)
Thorough (1)In general, they don’t tell you everything that they did. There are different criteria for what is minor (e.g. holding a BP med). But increasing a dose is important to know.” (P8)