Table 2

 Comparison of errors and other factors

Error or factorUnscheduled returns(n = 250)Non-returns(n = 250)p value
*Percentage: comparisons using Pearson or Fisher’s χ2 exact test.
†Median (P5–P95): comparisons using Mann-Whitney U rank exact test.
‡Only items reaching statistical significance are shown.
¶Linear trend.
Prognostic error*48140.000
Treatment error*3060.000
Follow up care error*2680.000
Diagnostic error*2040.000
Information error (points)†5 (4.8–5.2)6 (5.8–6.2)0.000
Diagnosis (erroneous or not) on 1st visit‡
    Hand wound*
Reason for 1st visit‡
    Increasing degree of seriousness†7 (1–12)6 (0–11)0.043
    Abdominal pain*
Previous medical history‡
    Toxic habits*
Care zone*
    Resuscitation ward0.80.4
Age (years)†48 (18–86)41 (18–82)0.008
Physician category*
    Emergency specialists11.611.6
    Emergency staff57.663.2
Observation ward admission*8.821.60.000
Treatment applied*66.456.00.017
Complementary studies*
    CT scanning1.62.40.523
    Blood test51.234.80.000
    Urine test22.012.40.004
Accessibility (min)
    Ordinal scale†4 (1–5)3 (1–5)0.001
    <20*30.620.80.003; 0.002¶
Time band (work shift)*
Day of the week*
Clinical history*89.891.10.840
Nurse report*78.472.00.098
Sex (M/F)*70.0/82.530.0/17.50.189
Educational level*
    Unschooled25.414.70.000; 0.000¶
Socioeconomic level*
    Low71.048.20.000; 0.000¶