Table 5

 Multivariate linear regression analysis with post-ED destination as outcome*

Error or factorbSE(b)βtp value95% CI (b)
*Without constant using not forced backward stepwise linear regression method, step in p = 0.05 and out p = 0.10, adjusted after 10 iterations, adjusted R2 = 57%. Except errors, only factors reaching statistical significance at 0.10 level are shown.
b, non-standardized linear regression coefficient for the factor; SE(b), estimation standard error for b; β, standardized linear regression coefficient for the factor; t: t statistics value; 95% CI (b), confidence interval at 95% for b.
Diagnostic error0.6160.1400.1714.2560.0000.331 to 0.902
Extra-hospital error0.6020.1500.2413.9880.0000.304 to 0.901
Information error (for each point)0.1250.0360.2733.4480.0010.054 to 0.197
Prognostic error0.2430.2230.1051.0920.276−0.197 to 0.683
Treatment error0.1920.1720.0661.1160.265−0.148 to 0.531
Dyspnea as reason for visit0.7170.1950.1203.6790.0000.335 to 1.102
Age (for each year)0.0100.0030.2423.0040.0030.003 to 0.016