Table 1

 Studies and data sources for target diagnoses

Target diagnosisPatientsSettingClinically detected casesClinically missed cases detected at necropsy
*Tuberculosis first detected after death were those cases identified at necropsy or using antemortem cultures that became positive after death in patients receiving fewer than two anti-tuberculosis medications during the last 24 hours of life, as defined in other epidemiological studies.46
Aortic dissection40Patients admitted through emergency department and diagnosed with aortic dissection at any point during hospitalization or at necropsyThree hospitals affiliated with University of Pittsburgh; 1992–6376
Aortic dissection41Patients diagnosed at any point during hospitalization or at necropsyHenry Ford Health System, Detroit; 1985–94776
Pulmonary embolism42International registry of patients with suspected or confirmed pulmonary embolism52 teaching hospitals in seven countries; 1995–6239361
Active tuberculosis43Cases of active tuberculosis, including those diagnosed after death*, reported to a regional department of public healthSan Francisco; 1986–952982120*