Table 1


ADE triggersICU triggersOutpatient triggersWarfarin triggers
The category of triggers is shown above each column with specific triggers used below.
ADE = adverse drug event; ICU = intensive care unit; INR = international normalized ratio; PTT = prothrombin time; CVA = cerebrovascular accident; Hct = hematocrit; NH = nursing home.
Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) useChest tube insertionNew cancer diagnosisINR >6
Naloxone (Narcan) usePositive blood cultureNH placementINR <1.5
Vitamin K use>7 days in ICUHospital admissionCVA
Abrupt medication stopTracheostomySurgeryFall in Hct of >4 points
Doubling serum creatinine/BUNBlood transfusionEmergency department visitBleeds
Digoxin level >2 ng/mlNew onset dialysis>5 medicationsEmboli
PTT >100 sReadmissionComplaint letterBlood transfusions
C difficile positiveIntubationAbnormal laboratory tests
Platelet count <50 000Family complaints>3 consultants
Glucose <50 mg/dlCode>6 nurse calls