Table 2

 Incidents with potential for awareness, where patients were followed up (n = 34)

DetailsCasesIntraoperative presentation
Incidents related to volatile agents and vaporisers
    Vaporiser off. Accidental4Tachycardia, hypertension, lacrimation, movement
    Vaporiser off. Deliberate3Movement
    Malpositioned vaporiser3Hypertension, circuit leak, patient movement
    Empty vaporiser1Lacrimation
    Cracked vaporiser mount1Circuit leak
    Faulty vaporiser1Patient movement
    Patient difficult to ventilate1Circuit leak
Incidents related to ventilators
    Leak, oxygen entrainment3Patient movement, oxygen analyser
    Ventilator not turned on1Suspicion
Incidents related to circuit leaks
    Common gas outlet problem3Circuit leak, oxygen analyser
    Leak elsewhere1Circuit leak
Incidents related to oxygen flush mechanism
    Oxygen flush jammed on2Oxygen analyser, direct observation
Incident related to transfer of patient from induction room to theatre
    Delay, without anaesthesia1Patient movement
Incidents related to total intravenous anaesthesia
    Failure to deliver anaesthetic agent2Hypertension, patient movement
Miscellaneous incidents
    N2O delivery failure5Tachycardia, hypertension
    Difficult intubation1Suspicion
    Difficult tracheostomy1Suspicion