Table 1

 Safety Climate Survey (SCSu), Safety Climate Scale (SCSc), and Safety Climate Mean (SCM) items used in the survey

SCSu(22 items)SCSc(13 items)SCM(7 items)
This table compares the items included in each of the three instruments used in the survey. Respondents rated each item on a 5-point scale with higher scores reflecting a more positive safety climate.
SCSu, Safety Climate Survey; SCSc, Safety Climate Scale; SCM, Safety Climate Mean; ×, item included in scale.
*Item added to reflect the staffing structure.
†This item was combined as one item in the SCSc.
(1) The culture of this clinical area makes it easy to learn from the mistakes of others.×
(2) Medical errors are handled appropriately in this clinical area.××
(3) The senior leaders in my hospital listen to me and care about my concerns.×××
(4) The physician and clinical leaders in my areas listen to me and care about my concerns.××
(5) Leadership is driving us to be a safety centered institution.××
(6) My suggestions about safety would be acted upon if I expressed them to management.××
(7) Management/leadership does not knowingly compromise safety concerns for productivity.××
(8) I am encouraged by my colleagues to report any safety concerns I may have.×××
(9) I know the proper channels to direct questions regarding patient safety.×××
(10) I receive appropriate feedback about my performance.××
(11) I would feel safe being treated here as a patient.××
(12) Briefing personnel before the start of a shift is an important part of patient safety. (Briefing is defined as informal/formal communication regarding unit specifics, in order to plan for possible contingencies.)×
(13) Briefings are common here.×
(14) I am satisfied with the availability of physician clinical leadership.×׆
(15) I am satisfied with the availability of nursing clinical leadership.×׆
(16) I am satisfied with the availability of pharmacy clinical leadership.×׆
(17) I am satisfied with the availability of registered respiratory care practitioner clinical leadership*×׆
(18) This institution is doing more for patient safety now than it did 1 year ago.×
(19) I believe that most adverse events occur as a result of multiple system failures and are not attributable to one individual’s actions.××
(20) The personnel in this clinical area take responsibility for patient safety.×
(21) Personnel frequently disregard rules or guidelines that are established for this clinical area.××
(22) Patient safety is constantly reinforced as the priority in this clinical area.×
(23) I am aware that patient safety has become a major area for improvement in this institution.×