Table 3

 Safety Climate Survey (SCSu) and Safety Climate Scale (SCSc) scores by ICU

ICUSafety Climate Survey (SCSu) (22 items)Safety Climate Scale (SCSc) (13 items)
NMean (SD)NMean (SD)
This table shows the mean (SD) Safety Climate Survey and Safety Climate Scale scores for each participating ICU. The maximum score is 5, higher scores reflecting a more positive safety climate. No significant differences in perception of safety climate were noted between ICUs (SCSu, p = 0.996; SCSc, p = 0.944). Sample sizes differed between surveys because all respondents did not complete all items of each survey. Thus, analyses were completed on surveys where respondents completed all items per scale.
MSICU, medical-surgical ICU; CVICU, cardiovascular ICU.
MSICU A843.4 (0.6)993.4 (0.7)
MSICU B463.4 (0.4)513.4 (0.5)
MSICU C413.4 (0.7)503.3 (0.7)
CVICU443.4 (0.7)453.4 (0.7)
Total2153.4 (0.6)2453.4 (0.7)