Table 1

 Factors influencing hospitals’ decisions to participate in the collaboratives

FactorsCEOs(N = 41–44)RM teams(N = 39–42)CTR teams(N = 32–34)
MHA, Massachusetts Hospital Association; JCAHO, Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.
Percentage of respondents indicating “a lot” or “some”.
Evidence provided at leadership briefing81%95%70%
MHA trustees endorsement at flagship project82%83%81%
MHA’s engagement of your hospital leadership81%77%85%
Coalition’s endorsement89%90%85%
Interest in the topic among clinical leaders91%85%94%
Interest in the topic among front line clinicians77%59%76%
Sentinel event experienced29%28%39%
Sense that recommendations are likely to work91%93%94%
JCAHO emphasis on patient safety89%90%94%
Participation was voluntary82%69%59%
Costs of participating were low93%80%71%
Collaborative provided access to experts91%98%97%
Collaborative embraced learning from peers98%98%97%
Offered a set of implementation strategies93%100%91%