Table 2

 Multivariate predictors of patient complaints

Characteristic*Odds ratio (95% CI)
*Referent categories for characteristics are no complication for “Major complication status”; white for “Patient race”; no co-morbid conditions for “Co-morbid conditions”; and general surgeon for “Surgical subspecialty”.
†Surgical subspecialties include otolaryngologists, urologists, neurosurgeons, cardiothoracic, orthopedic, vascular, trauma, and plastic surgeons.
Manor complication status
    One or more complications1.74 (1.01 to 2.98)
Patient age0.99 (0.98 to 1.00)
Length of stay1.01 (1.00 to 1.02)
Patient race
    Non-white0.52 (0.26 to 1.04)
Co-morbid conditions
    One or more co-morbid conditions1.03 (0.70 to 1.52)
Surgical specialty
    Surgical subspecialty†1.05 (0.60 to 1.81)