Table 2

 Scenarios, definitive and critical treatments, and the time frame in which the treatments need to be delivered

Scenario noScenario descriptionDefinitive treatment(s)Time frame
For a scenario to be assigned a survival, all definitive treatments need to be accomplished within the time frame. If a definitive treatment was completed, the patient survived. Other important treatment goals, denoted with an asterisk if not completed, permit survival but are a “critical incident”.
1Ventricular tachycardia induced dyspneaCardioversion3 minutes
2Acute myocardial infarction and arrhythmiaCardioversion3 minutes
Request for chest pain team*3 minutes
3Morphine overdose during patient controlled analgesiaMask ventilation1 minute
Naloxone*3 minutes
4Acute stroke with mental status changeMask ventilation1 minute
Request for stroke team*3 minutes
5Ventricular fibrillationChest compressions1 minute
Mask ventilation1 minute
Defibrillation3 minutes