Table 3

 Responses (%) to items omitted from final factor analysis

Disagree strongly*Disagree slightly*Neutral*Agree slightly*Agree strongly*Not applicable†
*Percentage of valid responses (not including “not applicable”) from direct patient care staff.
†Percentage of total responses from direct patient care staff.
‡These items are negatively worded.
Teamwork items
Where I work, it is difficult to speak up if I perceive a problem with patient care‡612423552
I am frequently unable to express disagreement with the senior clinical staff here‡9131427376
Briefing staff on handovers between shifts/periods of work (i.e. to plan for possible contingencies) is important for patient safety.0.40.33128415
Safety climate items
Staff frequently disregard rules or guidelines (e.g. hand-washing, treatment protocols/clinical pathways, etc) that are established for the area where I work‡710822532
Where I work, it is difficult to discuss errors‡411930461