Table 6

 Optimum factor loadings of safety climate items*†

Safety climate itemsFactor loadings
Safety climate factor 1Safety climate factor 2Safety climate factor 3
Attitudes to safety within own team;capacity to learn from errorsOverall confidence in safety of organisationPerceptions of management’s attitudes to safety
*Pattern matrix generated using principal components extraction and oblique rotation.
†Factor loadings under 0.300 omitted for clarity.
Safety climate factor 1
I am encouraged by my colleagues to report any patient safety concerns I may have0.707
The culture where I work makes it easy to learn from the errors of others0.623
I receive appropriate feedback about my performance0.663
Medical errors are handled appropriately here0.807
I know the proper channels to which I should direct questions regarding patient safety0.592
Safety climate factor 2
The levels of staffing where I work are sufficient to handle the number of patients0.905
I would feel safe being treated as a patient in this service0.4450.554
Management does not knowingly compromise the safety of patients0.519−0.411
Safety climate factor 3
This organisation is doing more for patient safety now than it did one year ago−0.903
Leadership is driving us to be a safety-centred organisation−0.786
My suggestions about safety would be acted upon if I expressed them to management0.383−0.442