Table 1

 Results of tests comparing the demographics of those who attended Safety Improvement Program courses and later participated, or did not participate, in root cause analyses

DemographicStatisticsDetails of combined groups*
χ2dfp Value
AHS, area health service.
*As the participant and non-participant groups did not vary significantly on any demographic group, scores were combined.
†Non-clinical managers were not included in this analysis.
Profession0.2230.97Medicine, 12.1%; nursing 46.8%; allied health, 12.5%; non-clinical management, 28.6%
Sex0.4510.5327.2% men, 72.8% women
Workplace type2.0730.56Tertiary hospitals, 30.3%; other hospitals, 20.3%; other healthcare facilities, 32.0%; AHSs, 17.3%
Geographical location3.0610.08Capital city, 40.0%; regional/rural, 60.0%
t df p Value
Years of professional experience0.452440.65Mean 21.5 years, SD 8.5 years
Estimated % of work is clinical†1.691730.92Mean 26.3%, SD 30.4%