Table 3

 Situations that should be excluded as prescribing errors

Round 1*Median (IQR)Round 2*Median (IQR)Code
IQR, interquartile range; C, consensus; P, partial agreement; EX, exclude as a prescribing error; EQ, equivocal.
*Scoring ranges from 1 to 9.
Prescribing a drug for a patient and not including the dosage equation(e.g. mg/kg) on the prescription sheet1 (1.25)N/AC, EX
Prescribing for a child a drug that is appropriate for the condition but has no product licence for use in children1 (1)N/AC, EX
Prescribing a drug that is not in the hospital formulary2 (3)2 (1.75)C, EX
Prescribing for an indication that is not in the drug’s product licence2 (2.25)2 (1)C, EX
Prescribing by the brand name (as opposed to the generic name)3.5 (4.25)3 (4)P, EX
Prescribing a dose that cannot readily be administered using the dosage forms available6 (4)3 (2.75)P, EX
Prescribing a drug in a dose above the maximum dose recommended in the British National Formulary (BNF), Summary of product characteristics (SPC),or reference sources (e.g. Medicines for Children published by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain)6 (3)6 (2)C, EQ
Prescribing contrary to national treatment guidelines5 (4)5.5 (3)P, EQ
Prescribing to a patient a drug that is not according to standard paediatric references6 (3)6 (2)C, EQ
Prescribing contrary to hospital treatment guidelines5 (4)5 (2.5)P, EQ