Table 2

 Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital birthing centre statistics (2001–6)

YearBirths (n)Caesarean deliveries total (primary)*% Cesarean deliveries total (primary)% Vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC rate)†Infants with 5 minute APGAR <7‡Infants transferred to neonatal intensive care unit‡
All p values as measured by a “test for trend” are greater than 0.05.
*Primary caesarean deliveries are first surgery performed. Total number of caesarean deliveries includes repeat operations.
†VBAC rate is the number of successful vaginal births after caesarean delivery divided by all women with prior caesarean deliveries.
‡Data from these two columns indicates total number of infants per year.
§At time of this report, only data from first two quarters of 2006 were available.
200120938 (25)18 (13)2832
200222453 (32)24 (16)1324
200323543 (25)18 (12)1812
200424359 (34)24 (16)1926
200524235 (23)14 (10)3355
2006§12521 (16)17 (14)5024