Table 2

 Hospital and nursing facility checklists

Baseline31 Dec –24 Jan25 Jan –18 Feb19 Feb –15 Mar
*n = 227; †from Fontana Hospital only (n = 71; 31% sample of 227 patients). PIC, preferred intensity of care; abx, antibiotics; rx, therapy or medications; Ψ, psychotropic.
Hospital checklist - RN
    No. of patients59718472
    Code status86%92%75%89%
    Antigoagulant check24%48%29%100%
    Special abx check15%55%19%100%
    Pain rx check20%54%41%79%
    Ψ rx checkNA27%28%100%
    Special needs60%19%24%70%
    Final RN checkNA24%24%80%
Nursing facility checklist†
    No. of patients5930256
    RN report0%70%80%100%
    Faxed orders85%76%96%100%
    Code status86%93%96%100%
    Pain meds available12%40%88%44%
    Psychotropics availableNR25%70%88%