Table 3

 Comparison of mean patient safety culture composite scores of nursing homes and hospitals

PSC dimensionNursing home composite score*Hospital benchmark composite score†p Value
PSC, patient safety score.
*The composite score is the average of individual rates of agreement with items within dimensions as described in the Methods section.
†Hospital benchmarking data derived from Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).22
Communication openness41.761.0<0.01
Feedback and communication about error37.852.00.03
Frequency of events reported49.752.00.78
Handovers and transitions37.545.00.65
Management support for patient safety66.260.00.34
Non-punitive response to error10.643.0<0.01
Organisational learning and continuous improvement54.071.00.01
Overall perceptions of safety45.756.00.14
Supervisor/manager expectations and actions promoting patient safety70.871.00.94
Teamwork across units47.553.00.33
Teamwork within units45.674.0<0.01