Table 1

 Descriptive statistics of nursing home sample

Characteristic% or mean (SD)
ADLs, activities of daily living; FTE, full-time equivalent; LPN, licensed practical nurse; NA, nurse aide; RN, registered nurse.
*n = 2717.
†n = 1372.
Facility characteristics of nursing homes*
    Average yearly NA turnover rate45 (18)
    Average yearly LPN turnover rate40 (11)
    Average yearly RN turnover rate33 (17)
    FTE NAs per 100 residents25.3 (8.6)
    FTE LPNs per 100 residents11.2 (9.4)
    FTE RNs per 100 residents8.5 (8.1)
    Number of beds137 (81)
    Member of a chain32%
    Average occupancy93% (7)
    Average private-pay occupancy16% (13)
    Case mix (ADLs)2.6 (0.9)
Market characteristics†
    Rural location18%
    Average unemployment rate in county6.3 (1.8)
    Number of nursing homes in county18 (14)