Table 2

 Guidelines for effective team training

Setting the stage
    Guideline 1The design and development of team training must be guided by the results of a team task analysis.
    Guideline 2When training time is scarce, pre-practice tools can be used to maximise the impact of training.
    Guideline 3Ensure latent organisational messages about the importance of team training match those that are spoken.
    Guideline 4Team training must emphasise key teamwork components.
    Guideline 5Design team training to facilitate shared understanding among team members.
    Guideline 6Ensure team training facilitates adaptive behaviours.
    Guideline 7Team training must promote attitudes and behaviours that are indicative of a learning climate.
    Guideline 8Ensure team members apply closed loop communication.
    Guideline 9Design team training to create systematic opportunities for practice of requisite team competencies.
Post training
    Guideline 10Evaluate team training and collect a variety of evidence as its impact.