Table 1

 Health-related adverse events and patient characteristics

Respondents reporting no health-related adverse event in the previous year 98.6% (n = 44 250)Respondents reporting a health-related adverse event in the previous year 1.4% (n = 610)
BMI, body mass index.
*Significance of difference is p<0.01.
†Burden of Illness ranges from 0 (none) to 11; Health Behaviour from 0 (no risk) to 15.
All values are in percentages except for Composite Burden of Illness Score and Composite Health Behaviour Score.
    Age 19–49 years6863
    Low financial status1527*
Bothersome dysfunction
    Social support1126*
    Physical activity723*
    Daily activity424*
    Social activity422*
Chronic disease
    >1 of 14 bothersome symptoms3365*
    Composite Burden of Illness Score† (dysfunction, disease, symptoms)3.04.8*
Unique prescription medications
Any hospital use in the previous year833*
    Not exercising regularly5961*
    BMI ⩾303136
    Poor injury prevention or poor eating habits2023
    Told to “cut down” drinking78*
Composite Health Behaviour Score3.03.4*