Table 2

 Logistic regression showing the adjusted effects of sex, age, and specialty on the probability of having experienced an adverse event with serious patient injury

Helmert contrasts for specialty group, with ordering as given and public health specialty as reference. 95% confidence intervals for linear coefficients (B) or odds ratios (OR) for contrasts of categorical covariates.
Age0.0360.02 to 0.05
Age2−0.003−0.005 to −0.001
Males0.6771.971.43 to 2.90
Public health01
Family medicine0.1071.110.78 to 1.60
Psychiatry0.0841.090.89 to 1.32
No specialty0.0461.050.92 to 1.19
Laboratory medicine0.0911.100.99 to 1.22
Internal medicine0.0851.091.03 to 1.15
Surgery0.2061.231.17 to 1.30