Table 3

 Consequences of events with serious patient injury ranked according to prevalence

Yes (%)(95% CI)No (%)(95% CI)N
The response alternative “not sure” was omitted.
The incident was discussed at the workplace83(79 to 87)15(12 to 20)365
I received good support from colleagues69(64 to 74)22(18 to 27)357
The incident was reported to the Board of Health37(32 to 42)52(11 to 19)360
I was blamed by the patient or the patient’s family32(27 to 37)63(14 to 22)366
I have spoken with the patient or the patient’s family about the incident68(63 to 73)28(23 to 33)339
The incident had a negative impact on my private life17(14 to 22)76(71 to 80)362
The incident was reported in the media12(9 to 16)87(83 to 90)359
The incident has made it harder to work as a physician11(8 to 15)83(79 to 87)366
I have needed professional help6(4 to 9)92(89 to 95)365