Table 6

 Video transcript: fragment (94Exp: lines 103–16)

Dr AIt’s changed it so that it’s increased your risk of, the, the-ye- your chance of the treatment giving you normal health to 60% [mm hm] and reduced the chance of dying to 40% chance [mm] from this treatment. So the question again is would you rather have the treatment or would you rather stay with, have the mild stroke?
DaveI think even at those odds I’d stay with the mild stroke
Dr ARight, okay (2.2) As you can see it’s changed it again [Yeah] and it’s going to carry on changing it, [mm] so giving you a 30% chance of dying compared with the mild stroke or a 70% chance of you returning to normal health
DaveI think, I think I’d still stay with the er, mild stroke as an option at the moment
Dr ARight (1.5) okay, let’s change it further, 80% chance of normal health, 20% chance of death as opposed to a mild stroke?
DaveErrrm (3.5) I may change my action now, to try the normal health now