Table 4 Results from selected safety culture survey questions relating to perceptions of leadership and administration and patient safety (n = 92)
Survey questionMean responseSD
Leadership is driving us to be a safety-centred institution4.180.96
My suggestions about safety would be acted upon if I expressed them to management3.991.09
Management/leadership does not knowingly compromise safety concerns for productivity4.241.05
This institution is doing more for patient safety now than it did one year ago.4.040.99
Patient safety is constantly reinforced as the priority in this clinical area4.280.98
We have enough staff to handle the workload3.291.19
My supervisor/manager says a good word when he/she sees a job done according to established patient safety procedures3.891.11
My supervisor/manager seriously considers staff suggestions for improving patient safety4.100.94
Whenever pressure builds up, my supervisor/manager wants us to work faster, even if it means taking shortcuts1.030.93
My supervisor overlooks patient safety problems that happen over and over0.830.97
Hospital management provides a work climate that promotes patient safety3.970.88
The actions of hospital management show that patient safety is a top priority3.950.88
  • 1 = strongly disagree to 5 = strongly agree.