Table 2 Primary care medication error types and reasons (n = 178)
Medication selection (n = 54)Incorrect drug selection21
Contraindication (including allergies)19
Order omitted (to start or stop)8
Duplicates (same or similar drugs)3
Non-formulary selection1
Expired product1
Misplaced product1
Dose (n = 53)Incorrect dose47
Dose omitted6
Communication (n = 22)Problem with pharmacy10
Problem with patient8
Problem with clinicians/staff in clinic3
Problem with others in another clinic1
Prescription (n = 20)Insufficient information10
Did not send prescription8
Misplaced prescription1
Frequency (n = 8)Inappropriate frequency (not enough or too much)8
Documentation (n = 8)Medication list not updated in medical record8
Patient information (n = 4)Wrong patient3
Patient information not updated1
Drug monitoring (n = 4)Inadequate monitoring (subtherapeutic or supratherapeutic)3
Lab test omitted1
Quantity (n = 3)Inappropriate quantity2
Quantity omitted1
Device (n = 1)Malfunction1
Insufficient information (n = 1)Insufficient information from report to classify1