Table 5 Adverse consequences and harms of 590 testing process events reported by family physicians and their staffs
n (%)
Adverse consequence*
No consequence151 (26)
Time/financial128 (22)
Delay in care144 (24)
Pain/suffering63 (11)
Adverse clinical consequence14 (2)
Unknown90 (15)
No harm318 (54)
Harm109 (18)
    Emotional harm33 (6)
    Temporary physical harm69 (11)
    Temporary physical harm that required hospitalisation1
    Permanent harm3 (0.5)
    Unspecified harm3 (0.5)
Unknown163 (28)
  • *If more than one adverse consequence was noted, the most serious consequence was assigned to the event report.

  • †Classified according to the US Pharmacopoeia severity of harm classification.