Table 2 Group I empirical studies subtypes
SubtypeGoalsDefinitionNumberFurther issues
Ia. Development of QIIsCreate new QII approach</item></item-list>Reports data collected for the purpose of developing a QII</item></item-list>81522Should documentation of development process be a standard for all QIIs?</item></item-list>
Locally adapt previously developed QIIs</item></item-list>No data on QII success, effectiveness, or impacts</item></item-list>Are there minimum standards for QII development documentation?</item></item-list>
Ib. History, documentation, or description of QIIsEnable replication or spread of QIIs</item></item-list>Reports data on the conduct of a QII</item></item-list>223 24Can/should criteria for the validity and reliability of descriptive information on QIIs be developed?</item></item-list>
Enable in-depth case analysis of implementation</item></item-list>No data on QII success, effectiveness, or impacts</item></item-list>Should evaluations of QIIs be required to reference or incorporate this kind of information?</item></item-list>
Ic. QII success, effectiveness or impactDetermine effectiveness, effects, and predictors of success of QIIs</item></item-list>Reports qualitative or quantitative data on the success, effectiveness, or impacts of a QII</item></item-list>152539What kinds of studies are used to rigorously evaluate QIIs?</item></item-list>
How should the type of QII being implemented affect the characteristics of the evaluation?</item>
  • See Appendix (online) for an annotated review list.

  • QII, quality-improvement intervention.