Table 1

 Medication orders written and prescribing errors identified

Pre-intervention (n(%))Post-intervention (n(%))Statistical analysis
Medication orders written
    Patients on ward for some or all of study period129147
    Patients for whom health records retrieved (% of all patients)113 (88)126 (86)p  =  0.78; χ2 test
    Extrapolated number of medication orders written for all patients24502353
    Median number of medication orders per patient during study period1610p  =  0.009; Mann–Whitney U test
Prescribing errors
    Prescribing errors identified (% of projected number of medication orders written)93 (3.8)48 (2.0)p  =  0.0004; χ2 test
    Errors rectified before dose given (% of prescribing errors)45 (48)32 (67)p  =  0.06; χ2 test
    Mean severity score4.24.6p  =  0.24; unpaired t test