Table 1 Items on the reporting form
Time, location and site of incidentDate, country and site of incident (practice, nursing home, emergency service, house call, other)
Patient affected?Yes, no
PatientAge, gender, familiarity with the patient, disabilities, non-German speaking
MedicationPhase of the medication process, type of medication incident, other important conditions, trade and generic name, application form, dose
The incident (narrative section)What happened? What was the outcome? What were possible causes? Strategies to prevent incident recurring
Contributing factorsOne main factor and two secondary factors contributing to the incident (out of 10 different factors)
Other providers involved?Other GPs, physiotherapist, hospital, other specialist practitioners
FrequencyFirst time, annually, monthly, weekly, daily
Severity of outcomeHarm categorised according to the NCC MERP Medication Error Taxonomy (see box 3)
Type of practiceRural/urban, single/group practice, size (number of patients attended per quarter)