Table 5

 Nursing time spent on medication-related tasks each week

Pre-interventionPost-interventionStatistical analysis
*Post-intervention drug rounds comprised a mean (range) preparation time of 15 (6–35) min and a mean (range) administration time of 25 (8–53) min.
Time available each week for medication-related activities336 h336 h
Drug rounds per week5656
Mean time spent on each drug round (range)50 min (15–105 min)40 min* (16–78 min)p  =  0.006; unpaired t test
Total time spent on drug rounds each week46 h 54 min38 h 16 min
Total time observed outside of drug rounds16 h 43 min16 h 11 min
Activity samples recorded outside of drug rounds521537
Medication-related activity samples outside of drug rounds (%)110 (21.1)154 (28.7)p  =  0.006; χ2 test